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Montgomery College


Montgomery College is ranked ninth in the nation among community colleges for drawing students from all stages of life into higher education.

Institution Type
  • Public
  • Online
  • Community College
  • Maryland
    • Germantown, Rockville, Takoma Park/Silver Spring
  • University Shuttle
  • Driving/Parking
  • Metrorail
  • Bus
  • Metrobus, Ride On
Cost of undergraduate attendance
Tuition Per credit
Fees Per Credit
Fees Per Semester
In-State Tuition
Tuition Per Credit
Fees per Credit
Fees per Semester
Out-of-State Tuition
Tuition Per Credit
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International Tuition
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County Resident Tuition
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Application Deadline




Accepted Secondary Degree:
  • US High School Diploma
  • US GED
  • Non-US High School Diploma
Required Entrance Exams
Exam Name
SAT/ACT (optional)
Minimum Score required

ACCUPLACER is required after admissions if SAT score is less than 480, ACT score is less than 21, or TOEFL paper exam score is less than 575 or TOEFL computer exam score is less than 90

Exam Name
ACCUPLACER for select students
Minimum Score required

ACCUPLACER is required after admissions if SAT score is less than 480, ACT score is less than 21, or TOEFL paper exam score is less than 575 or TOEFL computer exam score is less than 90

Documents Required for Submission:
  • Complete Application Form
  • Application Fee
  • Transcripts (High School/GED/Previous College)
Admission Contact information
Degrees offered
  • Pre-College Program
  • Certificate/Non-Credit Vocational Training
  • Associate Degree
Class schedule
  • Weekday
  • Weekend/Evening
  • Online
Program Areas of Study
  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    Arts and Humanities

      American Sign Language (AA, Certificate)

      Art Track, Arts and Sciences (AA)

      Dance Track

      Arts and Sciences (AA)

      Exercise Science Track

      Arts and Sciences (AA)

      Graphic Design (AAS)

      Illustration Track

      Graphic Design (AAS)

      International Studies Track

      Arts and Sciences (AA)

      Letter Symbols for Music Courses

      Music, Arts and Sciences (AA, Certificate)

      Studio Art (AFA)

      Technical Writing (Certificate)

      Theatre, Arts and Sciences (AA)

  • Department
    Program Area of Study

      Accounting (Certificate)

      Business (AA)

      Management (Certificate)

  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    Health and Medicine

      Aging Studies (Letter of Recognition)

      Community Health Track, Arts and Sciences (AA)

      Diagnostic Medical Sonography (AAS)

      Health Information Management (AAS)

      Medical Coder/Abstractor/Biller (Certificate)

      Mental Health Associate (AAS)

      Nursing (AS)

      Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

      Polysomnography (Sleep Medicine) Technology (Certificate)

      Public Health Sciences (AS)

      Radiologic (X-Ray) Technology (AAS)

      Surgical Technology (AAS)

  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    General Studies

      General Studies (AA)
      General Studies (AA): Integrated Studies
      General Studies (AA): Studies in Humanities, Arts, Communication, and Languages (HACL Core)
      General Studies (AA): Studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM Core)
      General Studies (AA): Studies in Social Science, Administration, and Health Core (SSAH Core)
      Women's Studies (Certificate)

  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    Public and Social Services

      Criminal Justice (AAS)

      Legal Analysis (Letter of Recognition)

      Paralegal Studies (AAS, Certificate)

  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    Science, Math, and Technology

      Advanced Network Security (Certificate)
      Aerospace Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Applied Geography (AAS)
      Architectural Technology Track, Architectural/Construction Technology (AAS)
      Bioengineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Bioinformatics (AS)
      Biological Science Track, Science (AS)
      Biomanufacturing (Certificate)
      Biotechnology (AAS, Certificate)
      Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)
      Chemical Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Chemistry and Biochemistry Track, Science (AS)
      Cisco Certified Network Associate + Security Preparation (Certificate)
      Civil Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Cloud Computing and System Administrator (Certificate)
      Computer Applications (AAS)
      Computer Applications (AAS)
      Computer Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Computer Gaming and Simulation (AAS, Certificate)
      Computer Programming (Certificate)
      Computer Science Track, Computer Science and Technologies (AA)
      Cybersecurity (AAS)
      Data Science (Certificate)
      Database Systems (Certificate)
      Digital Animation (AAS, Certificate)
      Digital Media and Web Technology (AAS)
      Digital Media Production (Certificate)
      Electrical Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Emergency Preparedness Management (AS)
      Engineering Science (AS)
      Environmental Science and Policy Track, Science (AS)
      Fire Protection Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      General Engineering, Engineering Science (AS)
      Information Sciences and Systems Track, Computer Science and Technologies (AA)
      Information Technology (Certificate)
      Interior Design--Preprofessional (AAS)
      IT Professional+ (Certificate)
      Java Developer (Certificate)
      Materials Science and Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Mathematics Track, Science (AS)
      Mechanical Engineering Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Network and Information Technology (AAS)
      Network Engineer (Certificate)
      Nuclear Engineering, Track, Engineering Science (AS)
      Physics Track, Science (AS)
      Science, (AS)
      Web Design (Certificate)
      Web Development (Certificate)
      Web Programming (Certificate)
      Wireless Technologies (Certificate)

  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    Social Sciences

      Broadcast Journalism (Certificate)
      Broadcast Media Production (AAS)
      Communication Studies (AA)
      Early Childhood Education (Certificate)
      Early Childhood Education Technology (AAS)
      Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (AAT)
      Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education (AAT)
      Ethnic Social Studies (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      Geographic Education (Certificate)
      Physical Education Teacher Education Track, Arts and Sciences (AA)
      Radio Production (Certificate)
      Radio Track, Broadcast Media Production
      Secondary Education (AAT)
      Television Production (Certificate)
      Television Track, Broadcast Media Production

  • Department
    Program Area of Study
    Trades and Personal Services

      Advanced Interior Design (Certificate)
      Advanced Personal Trainer (Certificate)
      Automotive Electrical Systems Specialist (Certificate)
      Automotive Technology (AAS)
      Building Trades Technology (AAS)
      CAD for the Building Professional (Certificate)
      Carpentry (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      Carpentry Track, Building Trades Technology (AAS)
      Design Industry Partnership (Certificate)
      Electrical Wiring (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      Electrical Wiring Track, Building Trades Technology (AAS)
      Electronic Photography (Certificate)
      Emergency Preparedness Management (Certificate)
      Engine Performance Specialist (Certificate)
      Fire and Arson Investigation (Certificate)
      Fire and Emergency Services Management (AAS, Certificate)
      Fire Prevention Technology (Certificate), Statewide Program
      Fire Protection Technology (Certificate), Statewide Program
      Food and Beverage Management (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      Food and Beverage Management Track, Hospitality Management (AAS)
      Graphic Design with Digital Tools (Certificate)
      Graphic Design, (AFA) Statewide Program (School of Art + Design)
      Hospitality Management (AAS)
      Hospitality Supervision and Leadership (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      HVAC (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      HVAC Track, Building Trades Technology (AAS)
      Interior Design--Preprofessional (AA, AAS)
      Introductory Interior Design (Certificate)
      Landscape Technology (AAS, Certificate)
      Management of Construction (Certificate, AAS)
      Management/Supervision Track, Hospitality Management (AAS)
      Meeting, Conference, and Event Planning (Certificate, Letter of Recognition)
      NKBA-Accredited Track, Interior Design--Preprofessional (AAS)
      Personal Trainer Examination Preparation (Letter of Recognition)
      Photographic Techniques (Certificate)
      Photography (AAS, Certificate)
      Photoshop (Letter of Recognition)
      Portrait, Fashion, and Photojournalism (Certificate)
      Powertrain Specialist (Certificate)
      Preprofessional General Track, Interior Design--Preprofessional (AAS)
      Residential Remodeling (Letter of Recognition, Certificate)
      Undercar Specialist (Certificate)

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Admission Contact information
Campus Size
Large (>15,000)
On-Campus Housing
Study Abroad
Campus Support Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Disability Services
  • Writing Center
  • Tutoring Services
  • Work-Study
  • Child Care
  • Transportation
Number of Student Clubs and Organizations:
Campus Clubs and Organizations
  • Choir/Band
  • Club/Intramural Sports
  • Honor Society
American Indian/Alaskan Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Two or More Races
Non-Residents/ Out-of-State Students
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